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Speaker Details Image of Eric P. Anderson) Eric P. Anderson   A History of the American Indian Boarding Schools This presentation examines the thinking behind the creation of federal schools for American Indian children and how this affected Native communities in the short and long term. Speaker Details Image of Prisca Barnes) Prisca Barnes   The Dockum Drugstore Sit-in In July 1958, Black students gathered at downtown Wichita's Dockum Drugstore to stage a peaceful protest against the unequal practice of segregation. What happened during the three-week sit-in? Speaker Details Image of Angela Bates) Angela Bates   Children of the Promised Land Nicodemus, a small unincorporated town in Graham County, is the only remaining western town that was established by African Americans during the Reconstruction Period following the Civil War. Speaker Details Image of Sarah Bell) Sarah Bell   Fighting for Equality: Women's Suffrage in Kansas In 1867, Kansas was the first state to attempt full voting rights for women. So why did it take 50 long years to make it a reality? Speaker Details Image of Sarah Bell) Sarah Bell   Madame Mayor: The First Women Mayors in Kansas Did you know that for a brief time in Kansas, women leaders dominated local elections? The passage of the 1887 municipal suffrage bill allowed women to vote and stand for local elections. Speaker Details Image of Dr. Debra Bolton) Dr. Debra Bolton   Strangers in Town – Film Discussion* Strangers in Town tells the story of how global migration transformed and enriched Garden City, Kansas. Speaker Details Image of Rex Buchanan) Rex Buchanan   Petroglyphs of the Kansas Smoky Hills For centuries before European arrival, Native people lived on the plains, and some left behind rock carvings on soft sandstone in the middle of the state.  Speaker Details Image of Beverley Olson Buller) Beverley Olson Buller   William Allen White and the KKK In Kansas The tumultuous 1924 Kansas Gubernatorial campaign was the time William Allen White chased the Ku Klux Klan out of Kansas. Speaker Details Image of John Burchill) John Burchill   People, Places, and Politics in 1800s Kansas Pioneer James R. Mead was a man of his times, and is now considered one of Wichita's founding fathers. What can be learned from Mead's influence on the state's early development? Speaker Details Image of Patricia Cecil) Patricia Cecil   Faith and Camp Funston Camp Funston, located at Fort Riley near Junction City, was the largest divisional training camp during WWI. This presentation explores the way in which servicemen experienced and expressed faith in the camp as they prepared for war overseas. Speaker Details Image of Dr. Michaeline Chance-Reay) Dr. Michaeline Chance-Reay   The Harvey Girls: Women's Roles in Railroads, Kansas, and US History The Harvey Girls played a role in the economy and cultural history of Kansas and the American Southwest. This talk includes stories of women employed by the Fred Harvey Company as well as its founder, and their role in Kansas and the western US. Speaker Details Image of Gene Chávez ) Gene Chávez   Flour Power During the period of the Mexican Revolution, many immigrants made their way to Kansas to raise their families and work in the railroad, agricultural, industrial, and hospitality sectors of the state. Speaker Details Image of Celia Daniels) Celia Daniels   You've Got Mail: Exploring Letter-Writing Through Time At one time, daily letter-writing bound us together. Today, ubiquitous emails, texts, and social media messages challenge this time-honored tradition. Speaker Details Image of Marla Day) Marla Day   Dress for Success: Nelly Don and American Fashion You can't mention 20th-century women's fashion without thinking of Nelly Don. Ellen "Nell" Quinlan Donnelly's story is one of innovation, triumph, and hard work-- all rooted in her small-town Kansas upbringing. Speaker Details Image of Ann Dean) Ann Dean   Learning from Gordon Parks Born in Fort Scott, Kansas, African American author, photographer, and filmmaker Gordon parks was well known for his documentation of American life and culture. Speaker Details Image of Virgil Dean) Virgil Dean   "We, The People of Kansas..." The Story of Kansas's Founding Documents, 1820-2020 A nation or state's founding documents speak to the values and aspirations of its people, and at a functional level, provide the functions of government. For Kansas, this is the 1859 Wyandotte Constitution. Speaker Details Image of Phil Dixon) Phil Dixon   The Kansas City Monarchs and America's National Pastime The history of Negro League baseball in America mirrors the racial strife experienced by African Americans in society. This talk sheds new light on this sports history and the history of baseball in Kansas. Speaker Details Image of Dennis Etzel Jr) Dennis Etzel Jr   Poets of Kansas Kansas has a rich history of wonderful poets, and this presentation will explore and present the work of eight pioneers who roam the wheat fields, tall grass, and landscape of the Sunflower State, fashioning words into moving stanzas. Speaker Details Image of José Faus) José Faus   They Changed My Name This presentation brings together the dynamics of immigration told through the lens of visual art and poetry. Speaker Details Image of Chris Glasgow) Chris Glasgow   The Wizard Behind Oz Where's Dorothy? You're not in Kansas anymore! I'm melting! If you're from Kansas you've surely encountered plenty of Wizard of Oz jokes and quips, but you may not know the fascinating story behind L. Frank Baum's classic. Speaker Details Image of Miguel González-Abellás) Miguel González-Abellás   A New View of Kansas in Spanish Language Literature A different view of Kansas and the people who inhabit it emerges in literary works from Cuban, Mexican, Colombian, and Spanish authors. Speaker Details Image of Rachel Griffis) Rachel Griffis   Willa Cather's Prairie Using “Jay” from "The Great Gatsby" and “Alexandra” from "O! Pioneers" as guides, this talk explores the value of rural life and the way it is often portrayed as lesser-than.  Speaker Details Image of Laura Hartley) Laura Hartley   Women Who Made a Difference: The Story of M. Madeline Southard Stories of strong Kansas women are inspiring, and M. Madeline Southard's tale is no exception. This talk will unpack the impact her Kansas upbringing had on her unconventional career as a reverend and her work for equal rights in liturgical life. Speaker Details Image of Will Haynes) Will Haynes   The Civil War in Kansas For Kansans, the violent guerrilla warfare between proslavery and antislavery forces known as Bleeding Kansas foreshadowed the national Civil War to come. Explore the story of Kansas during the Civil War and how it helped shape the state's image. Speaker Details Image of Kara Heitz) Kara Heitz   Pandemic on the Prairie The influenza epidemic, also known as the Spanish Flu, killed approximately 50 million people worldwide, and over 12,000 Kansans between 1918-1920. While a world war waged, fear and anxiety also loomed at home. Speaker Details Image of Cindy Higgins) Cindy Higgins   Fresh Produce: Kansas's Orchardists, Market Growers, and Truck Farmers In Kansas, agriculture is king. This talk highlights Kansas’s commercial specialty crops, agriculture experimentation, horticultural “royalty” marketing, and the evolving local foods movement. Speaker Details Image of Cash Hollistah) Cash Hollistah   Sunflower Music This presentation highlights numerous artists and musicians from the Sunflower State and takes a deeper look into how the power of place informs and inspires us musically. Speaker Details Image of Priscilla Howe) Priscilla Howe   Tricksters and Wise Women: How Stories Travel the World Folktales reveal what we value, what makes us laugh, cry, and what we hope to be. This talk will uncover the differences between myth, legend, tall tale, and folktale, and explore differences between cultural appropriation and appreciation. Speaker Details Image of Jim Hoy) Jim Hoy   Kansas Legends and Folktales Grasshoppers so big that cowboys can ride them to herd cattle. Summers so hot that corn pops in the field. Kansas is a place of big skies and tall tales. Speaker Details Image of Destry Jackson) Destry Jackson   Dig It: Kansas Archeology This talk will uncover the early history of Kansas archeology and how more recent findings are reshaping our understanding of native peoples who inhabited this land now known as Kansas. Speaker Details Image of Megan Kaminski) Megan Kaminski   Listening to Place: Nature and Poetry Walks This beginner-friendly nature and poetry walk will be oriented to connecting with the more-than-human world through literature in the environmental humanities. Speaker Details Image of Linda O'Nelio Knoll) Linda O'Nelio Knoll   Army of Amazons: Women's Fight for Labor Rights in Kansas Coalfields In December 1921, thousands of women in southeast Kansas, christened the "Amazon Army", rose up to fight injustice in the area coalfields. This talk will share their stories and their fight for democracy and labor rights in Kansas' coalfields. Speaker Details Image of Mary Kohn) Mary Kohn   You Say Tomato, I Say Tomahto: Evolution of Language in Kansas This talk will examine the ways language has changed in Kansas over the past hundred years through the examination of archival and contemporary oral history. Speaker Details Image of Dave Loewenstein) Dave Loewenstein   If These Walls Could Talk Murals seem to be nearly everywhere in Kansas towns both big and small. This talk will explore the artists, meanings, and impetus behind the state’s rich collection of public murals, and how they reflect an image of who we are as Kansans.  Speaker Details Image of Amy Longa) Amy Longa   Strangers in Town – Film Discussion* Strangers in Town tells the story of how global migration transformed and enriched Garden City, Kansas. Speaker Details Image of Isaias McCaffery) Isaias McCaffery   Last Stand at Rebel Creek: The Osage as Union Allies in Civil War Kansas As conflicts between states increased during the Civil War, both the Union and the Confederacy tried to use the Osage to achieve their own aims. This presentation explores the Osage contributions to the Union cause in Kansas during the Civil War.  Speaker Details Image of Valerie Mendoza) Valerie Mendoza   Beyond Brown: Mexican Struggles for Equality Before and After Brown V. Board This presentation looks at the ways the Latino communities banded together to fight discrimination and demand equal protection under the law, focusing special attention on Kansas examples.  Speaker Details Image of Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg) Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg   Holocaust Stories of Resistance and Resilience Meet two courageous men who fought to survive the horrors of the Holocaust and build new lives of hope in Kansas. How does one make a life in a new land? Speaker Details Image of Ayako Mizumura) Ayako Mizumura   Voices of Japanese "War Brides" in Postwar Kansas Japanese women fled the devastation of a war-torn Japan after World War II to find challenges in a strange, new world. After marrying US military men and moving to the US, these women often faced challenges and hardship while others found success. Speaker Details Image of Ray Mizumura-Pence) Ray Mizumura-Pence   The Disability Rights Movement In the 1960s, people with disabilities and their allies fought to ensure full citizenship and civil rights to a population often overlooked or approached with pity. Speaker Details Image of Erika Nelson) Erika Nelson   What a Ride! Rural Community-Owned Carnivals Across Kansas, late summer brings county fair season and all the fun that goes along with it. But what happens when the carnival stops coming? Speaker Details Image of Leo E. Oliva) Leo E. Oliva   Railroaded: The Industry That Shaped Kansas This presentation examines the complicated legacy of railroads and the impact on native peoples who called Kansas home.  Speaker Details Image of Nicole Perry) Nicole Perry   Women's Work for Women: The Kansas State Industrial Farm for Women In the years between the two world wars, over 5,000 women were detained at the Kansas State Industrial Farm for Women in Lansing for having a venereal disease. This talk will explore the lives of all women involved. Speaker Details Image of Donna Rae Pearson) Donna Rae Pearson   Mapping Inequality This presentation explores the history of redlining and its lingering impact on today’s communities. Speaker Details Image of Laura Phillippi) Laura Phillippi   Doing Time in Kansas: The Evolution of Corrections Prisons historically operated on a punishment-based system until an increasingly humanitarian approach prevailed. Modern incarceration methods seek to reintegrate inmates back into society as productive, contributing citizens. Speaker Details Image of Erin Pouppirt) Erin Pouppirt   Charles Curtis: The First Native American Vice President Charles Curtis was the 31st vice president of the United States and the first member of an Indigenous tribe to hold this position.This presentation will explore Curtis’s Kaw heritage and political rise from Topeka lawyer to Hoover’s running mate. Speaker Details Image of Thomas Prasch) Thomas Prasch   World's Fair Remnants in Kansas This talk will share the history and significance of international exhibitions worldwide and focus on the wonders held today in the towns of Lawrence, Lindsborg, and Wamego.  Speaker Details Image of Murl Riedel) Murl Riedel   A New Generation of Veterans: Stories From Iraq and Afghanistan Soldiers from Kansas were some of the first deployed to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. They returned again and again, yet their stories remain largely untold. Speaker Details Image of Murl Riedel) Murl Riedel   Architecture of the People's Houses ​Kansas has 105 county courthouses and hundreds of city halls, plus a few more state capitals than you might expect. The designs of these buildings tell us about the evolution of local government in the state. Speaker Details Image of Timothy Shaffer) Timothy Shaffer   Civil Discourse, Deliberative Engagement, & Leading with Humility This presentation explores the role of civil discourse through the tumultuous 1930s and during the last two decades revealing how historical efforts can inform how to advance local efforts today and strengthen our democracy.  Speaker Details Image of Lem Sheppard) Lem Sheppard   African American Musicians in Kansas 1860-1920 African American musicians from 1860-1920 are often part of an under-told story in Kansas history from 1860-1920. Speaker Details Image of Kim Stanley) Kim Stanley   A Creative Guide to Writing Your Family's Stories We all love discovering a fantastic tale of our family’s past—whether it be the distant relative who journeyed on the Mayflower or the grandmother riveted airplanes at a World War II factory. But how do we share these stories in engaging ways? Speaker Details Image of Diana Staresinic-Deane) Diana Staresinic-Deane   Researching Your Home and the People Who Lived There Researching a property -- whether an old home, a new business, or a section of pastureland -- can do more than tell us the history of a space; it can also help us build a human connection to the people who came before us and their experiences. Speaker Details Image of Anita Tebbe) Anita Tebbe   US Presidential Libraries and Museums US Presidential Libraries and Museums are impressive structures that act as repositories of valuable presidential records and artifacts. But who started this trend and when? What role do these institutions play in how and what we remember? Speaker Details Image of Mary Ann Thompson) Mary Ann Thompson   Married to Adventure: Osa and Martin Johnson's Films Pioneers in the early history of documentary filmmaking, Kansans Osa and Martin Johnson traveled the world filming people and wildlife in early 20th century. Speaker Details Image of John Edgar Tidwell) John Edgar Tidwell   Good Trouble The late political activist and U.S. congressman John Lewis coined the phrase “good trouble” to describe his civil disobedience in the 1960s. Others, who did not share his vision, considered his actions as merely “disturbing the peace.”  Speaker Details Image of Kathryn Vaggalis) Kathryn Vaggalis   Love, Marriage, and Citizenship in the Early 20th Century America When exactly did the expectations about love and marriage become cemented in American society? Speaker Details Image of Brandon West) Brandon West   Pride: From Stonewall to Small Town Kansas The social revolution commonly known as Pride has deep connections to Kansas, and today more Kansans and their communities are welcoming their LGBTQ neighbors and friends. Speaker Details Image of Carmaletta Williams) Carmaletta Williams   Free Did Not Mean Welcome Discover how many realized that for Black people in Kansas “free” did not necessarily mean “welcome Speaker Details Image of Stephen Wolgast) Stephen Wolgast   The Promise and Pitfalls of Social Media Social media arrived with hope and promises. Facebook wants to connect the world, and Twitter’s mission is to let everybody share their ideas instantly. But even the best of ideas have unintended consequences. Speaker Details Image of Hannes Zacharias) Hannes Zacharias   City and County Governments in Kansas: What Do They Do and How are They Financed? Ever wonder about your city and county government? This presentation will explore how Kansas counties are different from cities, what each does, and how they are financed. Speaker Details Image of Hannes Zacharias) Hannes Zacharias   Rediscovering the Arkansaas River From raging rapids to diversion dams for irrigation ditches, to dry streambeds, and finally barge traffic, this presentation will examine the impact this wild, elusive, and embattled river has had on cities, towns and adjacent farmland.


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