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Speaker Details Image of Angela Bates) Angela Bates   Children of the Promised Land Nicodemus, a small unincorporated town in Graham County, is the only remaining western town that was established by African Americans during the Reconstruction Period following the Civil War. Speaker Details Image of Beverley Olson Buller) Beverley Olson Buller   William Allen White and the KKK in Kansas: "A Real American Goes Hunting" The tumultuous 1924 Kansas Gubernatorial campaign was the time William Allen White chased the Ku Klux Klan out of Kansas. Speaker Details Image of John Burchill ) John Burchill   Four Horsemen and a Sage Fighting the rising tide of nativist sentiment in the early 20th century, a few Kansas leaders took a stand and worked to stop the forces of intolerance in our state. Speaker Details Image of Gene Chávez ) Gene Chávez   Flour Power During the period of the Mexican Revolution, many immigrants made their way to Kansas to raise their families and work in the railroad, agricultural, industrial, and hospitality sectors of the state. Speaker Details Image of Audrey Coleman) Audrey Coleman   “I would like to express my views . . .”: Kansans Write to Congress, 1960-1968 Explore the concerns and views of everyday Kansans during the influential decade of the 1960s, a period of change for many Kansas communities. Speaker Details Image of Audrey Coleman) Audrey Coleman   Out of the Darkness: Records of the Vietnam War As records of the Vietnam War are located, declassified, and cataloged, a more complete story of the war is emerging. Speaker Details Image of Stacy Davidson) Stacy Davidson   In Their Own Words: The Ancient Egyptians Universal themes of love, strife, worry, and death found in Egyptian writings show a world not dissimilar from our own. Speaker Details Image of Jim Gray) Jim Gray   Head ‘Em Up & Move ‘Em Out The early days of ranching and trail driving required stamina and determination. Speaker Details Image of Jerry Harper) Jerry Harper   Feel Your Oats (with Help from a Goat) When J.R. Brinkley arrived in Milford, Kansas, in 1917, with a suspect medical diploma in hand and just $23 in his pocket, few would have imagined the notoriety he would attain over the next 25 years in medicine, politics, and broadcasting. Speaker Details Image of Laura Hartley) Laura Hartley   The Kansas Whirlwind: Peter Mehringer and Sports of the Depression Era This presentation explores the incredible story of Kansas wrestler Peter Mehringer and his rise to Olympic fame. Speaker Details Image of Cindy Higgins) Cindy Higgins   Fresh Produce: Kansas's Orchardists, Market Growers, and Truck Farmers Historical presentation highlighting commercial specialty crops, agriculture experimentation, horticultural "royalty" marketing, and the evolving local foods movement. Speaker Details Image of Kirk R. MacGregor) Kirk R. MacGregor   Rethinking the Sermon on the Mount This presentation examines the historical context surrounding Jesus' longest teaching, The Sermon on the Mount. Speaker Details Image of Isaias McCaffery) Isaias McCaffery   Foam on the Range Kansas was on the forefront of the temperance movement, eventually becoming the first state to prohibit alcohol consumption. This enforced abstinence clashed considerably with immigrants who had settled across the state. Speaker Details Image of Kaye McIntyre) Kaye McIntyre   Veterans' Voices: Oral History Workshop An oral history workshop providing family, friends, and community members the skills to interview those who served our country. Speaker Details Image of Leo E. Oliva) Leo E. Oliva   Railroaded: The Industry That Shaped Kansas In the 19th century, the influence of the railroad industry was vast. Some claim that Kansas was created specifically to accommodate westward expansion of railroads. Speaker Details Image of Norman Saul) Norman Saul   Sickle and Hammer: The United States and Early Soviet Russia The relationship between the United States and Russia has always been complicated. This presentation examines the people and policies that made it so. Speaker Details Image of Lem Sheppard) Lem Sheppard   The Harlem Renaissance The booming, experimental period of American history known as the Harlem Renaissance exposed the world to the arts, culture, and intellect of African Americans. Speaker Details Image of Kim Stanley) Kim Stanley   Moment by Moment: Family History Writing Workshop This workshop encourages participants to take their genealogical research and turn it into story form. Speaker Details Image of Diana Staresinic-Deane) Diana Staresinic-Deane   Researching Your Home and the People Who Lived There Researching a property -- whether an old home, a new business, or a section of pastureland -- can do more than tell us the history of a space; it can also help us build a human connection to the people who came before us and their experiences. Speaker Details Image of Beccy Tanner) Beccy Tanner   Dirt, Grit, and Jell-O Salad – How We Survived the Great Depression This presentation examines historical aspects of Kansas during the 1930s to better understand our rural communities today. Discover what communities did to survive and thrive in times of hardships and what it means to be rural. Speaker Details Image of Matthew Thompson) Matthew Thompson   Red State: Socialism and the Free Press in Kansas At the turn of the 20th century, a cottage industry of small Socialist newspapers blossomed in Kansas. Read by a growing working class, these newspapers often gave voice to economic issues. 


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