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Speaker Details Image of Gene T. Chávez) Gene T. Chávez   The Vaqueros The horse-mounted livestock herding tradition of the Vaqueros originated on the Iberian Peninsula of Europe and was adopted by settlers and cowboys in the American West. Speaker Details Image of Deborah Divine) Deborah Divine   Sharing Patterns, Sharing Lives: Kansas Quilt Workshop In the early 1900s, Emporia was home to an innovated group of quilters. Speaker Details Image of Louise Hanson) Louise Hanson   Tasting the Past: Exploring Kansas Food Memories Food is a powerful expression of cultural memory. This presentation explores food traditions from a number of ethnic populations in Kansas, including German, Czech, Italian, Jewish, and others. Speaker Details Image of Jim Hoy) Jim Hoy   Kansas Legends and Folktales Grasshoppers so big that cowboys can ride them to herd cattle. Summers so hot that corn pops in the field. Kansas is a place of big skies and tall tales. Speaker Details Image of Neill Kennedy) Neill Kennedy   Testimony and Communal Memory Testimonio is a political tradition across Latin America and typically features first-person narration of one’s lived experiences. Speaker Details Image of Erika Nelson) Erika Nelson   Transforming the Commonplace: Seed Portraits, Hair Wreaths, and Butter Sculptures This presentation features the stories of three women who pioneered the transformations of commonplace materials into works of art, including seed portraits, hair wreaths, and butter sculptures. Speaker Details Image of LuAnn Soliah) LuAnn Soliah   What's For Lunch? School Lunches in the United States From sack lunches to school lunches, what we eat has never been far from anyone's mind. This presentation traces changes to the school lunch over the past 100 years.


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