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Speaker Details Image of Jay Antle) Jay Antle   Irrigation in Kansas Water irrigation has made Kansas an agricultural powerhouse, but it has also opened the floodgates for unintended consequences such as lawsuits, soil salinity, water scarcity Speaker Details Image of Jay Antle) Jay Antle   From Fort Laramie to Standing Rock: The Dakota Access Pipeline Controversy For most Americans, the debate over the Dakota Access Pipeline comes down to images of protesters facing off against militarized police Speaker Details Image of Rex Buchanan) Rex Buchanan   Water, Energy, and Rural Kansas: How They’re Connected, What the Future May Hold Explores the complex relationship between natural resources, renewable energy sources, public land access, and population trends in both rural and urban areas. Speaker Details Image of Rex Buchanan) Rex Buchanan   Petroglyphs of the Kansas Smoky Hills For centuries before European arrival, Native people lived on the plains, and some left behind rock carvings on soft sandstone in the middle of the state.  Speaker Details Image of Liz Kowalchuk) Liz Kowalchuk   Kansas’ Local Architecture: History, Place, and Identity Discover stories of Kansas’ everyday built environment and consider what happens to these structures over time. Speaker Details Image of Aaron Margolis) Aaron Margolis   Shifting Waters: International Conflict & Cooperation The Rio Grande, like many waterways that serve as international borders, has been endowed with both symbolic and practical importance Speaker Details Image of Heidi Mehl) Heidi Mehl   Land Ethics and Water Resources In 1949 Aldo Leopold sparked the modern conservation movement with his treatise on “land ethics”. Speaker Details Image of Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg) Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg   Kansas Weather in Life, Literature, and Photography When it comes to talking about the weather, we have a lot to say in Kansas, and for good reason Speaker Details Image of Matthew Sanderson) Matthew Sanderson   Water: Why Is It so Difficult to Conserve? Water is the most precious natural resource, sustaining all life on Earth. Why is it so difficult to conserve?


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