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Marilyn Klaus, Leader

Former lecturer of Religious Studies and African and African American Studies at the University of Kansas

Contact Marilyn directly about leading a TALK book discussion in person or online: 

Marilyn is available to lead book discussions for the TALK series:

  • After the Fact 
  • Between Fences
  • Beyond the Border: Latino Immigration Experiences 
  • Civil Rights Revisited
  • The Exile’s Place 
  • The Great Plains Spirit 
  • Hispanic Heritage: Mothers, Sisters, Daughters 
  • Middle Eastern Culture and Society 
  • Native American Identity from Past to Present (NEW)
  • Turning Points: Stories of Women Choosing Their Own Paths (NEW) 
  • World War II Generation 

Introduce Marilyn at your event! Download an introduction and photo:

"I love being a TALK discussion leader because I get to engage with Kansans throughout the state who read, who are curious, and who welcome me into their libraries." - Marilyn Klaus


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