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Spark! Short Documentary Film Grants

Humanities Kansas offers up to $10,000 for short documentary films that spark conversations 

The deadline for this opportunity was September 1, 2022 

Since its founding in 1972, Humanities Kansas has explored bold stories and big ideas in every corner of Kansas—ideas about what it means to be human, to be part of a democracy, and to strengthen our communities. 

As we celebrate our first 50 years, HK remains committed to Kansas stories by offering the Spark! Short Documentary Film Initiative, special grants for films that will carry Kansas culture forward into the next 50 years. We are looking for films that reflect the diversity of experience found in today’s Kansas. We encourage fresh takes, dynamic interpretations, and a focus on overlooked experiences.

Have a story but need help making a film? Talk to us! HK staff can connect you with a Kansas filmmaker.


Spark! Short Documentary Films must include

  • Local nonprofit organization to serve as the sponsor
  • Humanities scholar (Need a scholar consultant? HK can connect you with the right person.)
  • Professional filmmaker (Have a story but need a filmmaker? We can help.)
  • Humanities-based approach that explores broad human stories through history, literature, and traditions 
  • Public premiere with a panel discussion

Please note that the following productions are NOT eligible:

  • Projects exclusively focused on script research and development
  • Recording of conferences, events, or lectures
  • Commercials or informational promotions for your organization
  • Art installations and introductory pieces for museums or other institutions
  • Docudramas or productions that involve re-enactors or actors



In-state nonprofits are eligible. 501(c)(3) status is not required, but applicants do need a Unique Entity ID from How do you get a UEID? Follow the Quick Start Guide. 

NOTE: Organizations with an open HK grant are not eligible. Universities and colleges are not eligible.

Spark! Film Guidelines  

For more information, contact Leslie VonHolten, Director of Grants & Outreach, at Email is the quickest method of communication. Follow up phone calls can be arranged. 


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