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Sandra Wiechert image

Sandra Wiechert, Leader

Retired Teacher and Reference Librarian

Contact Sandra directly about leading a TALK book discussion in person or online: 

Sandra is available to lead book discussions for the TALK series:

  • The Great Plains Spirit 
  • Growing Up
  • The Modern Family 
  • Native American Identity from Past to Present (NEW)
  • Once Upon a Time in the West (NEW) 

Introduce Sandra at your event! Download an introduction and photo.

"No matter how much I read and prepare for a book group, I am always surprised and awestruck by what those in the groups know and can come up with. As I drive home across Kansas after these discussions, I am amazed at the comments and depth of ideas that were brought up. Kansans throughout the state are good readers and analysts, and I always leave humbled and enriched by these discussions." - Sandra Wiechert


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