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Welcome to Kansas 1972!

Welcome to Kansas 1972. A lot happened during that pivotal year, including the founding of Humanities Kansas. In celebration of Humanities Kansas’s 50th anniversary, this podcast tells stories of Kansas’s connections to national events in 1972 and how it was in this time and place that Humanities Kansas was created. In this series introduction, we'll take a look back 50 years to figure out what the decade of the 1970s, and 1972 specifically, was all about, and tease some of the stories we'll be telling over the next 10 episodes. Catch you on the flip side!



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Archival Audio Sources

  • Watergate break-in news report, June 17, 1972.
watergate news coverageundefined


  • “Star 34,” Kansas Industrial Development Commission (1954), 
  • Montage of short clips from 70s TV show theme songs (Sanford & Son, MASH, The Odd Couple, Charlie’s Angels, Mary Tyler Moore Show)


Primary Sources


Secondary Sources

Recommended books on the 1970s in American history



  • Jonathan Hagel - Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of History, University of Kansas


  • Intro, Outro, and background music by: Clelia Walking



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