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Background Image black and white photo of the McPherson Globe Refiners team

Root for the Home Team

Watch a "History of Sport" Mini-Film Fest

These documentary shorts, created by recipients of Humanities Kansas “Humanities for All” Grants, give us a brief glimpse into the wide world of Kansas sports history.

Watch Oil and Gold: The McPherson Globe Refiners Basketball Story

Travel back in time to the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, where the U.S. basketball team included players from McPherson’s Globe Refiners basketball time. “Oil and Gold: The McPherson Globe Refiners Basketball Story” details the physical and ideological challenges faced by the players. Produced by the McPherson Convention and Visitors’ Bureau.


Oil and Gold short filmundefined

Questions for Discussion:

  • What led to the Globe Refiners success on the court?  At the Olympics?
  • Where did the phrase “the dunk” come from?  Why do you think both the move and the phrase caught on? 
  • What does the Globe Refiners’ story tell us about the role of sports during times of adversity?

Watch From Football to Futbol

Watch the story of Garden City High School’s transformation from a football school to a “futbol” school after an influx of students from Mexico and Central America created a championship soccer team in the southwest Kansas community. Produced by Via Dolorosa and Justicia, Inc. 

Football to Futbolundefined

Questions for Discussion

  • In Garden City, soccer helps to form a new community.  How and why did this happen?
  • Can you think of instances in which sports have created new kinds of communities similarly in the past? How have they created new communities in your personal experience?
  • Immigrant communities bring with them new perspectives, skills, and talents.  In what ways are immigrant communities changing life for the better in your city?

Buy Me Some Peanuts...or Sunflower Seeds

Finally, both films and sports go better with snacks, so whip up a few of your favorites to enjoy! May we suggest you make these barbeque-flavored sunflower seeds?  Or save yourself the hassle and order some of these delicious chocolate-covered sunny seeds.  Go Kansas!



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