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Chautauqua: "The Most American Thing About America"

Date and Time: October 7, 2023

Location: Winfield Public Library, 605 College St, Winfield
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Chautauquas historically provided a place for Americans to find common ground, learn, and grow together. An educational and social movement of the late 19th and 20th centuries, Chautauqua assemblies thrived on the exchange of ideas and explored reform, inspiration, travel and culture, religion, entertainment, and politics. Referencing the Chautauqua, President Theodore Roosevelt was known to have called it "the most American thing in America."

In this companion exhibit, Winfield Public Library explores the history and significance of Chautauquas to the region and community, particularly in areas of education, political activism, and civic engagement. Chautauqua gatherings were critical to the sharing and exchange of voices in our past.

While Chautauquas may no longer exist in their original form today, their inten to inform, educate, enterain, and enlighten lives on. As modern Chautauquas of sorts, public libraries provide that space in their communities. As it hosts "Voices and Votes", Winfield Public Library presents an "in tents" Chautauqua experience through compelling speakers, book talks, discussions, and storytelling. "Chautauqua: The Most American Thing in America" bridges our past, present, and future voices and votes.

This exhibit is part of "Voices and Votes," a statewide initiative exploring the history of American Democracy. For exhibition and event details, contact Winfield Public Library directly.

Sponsored by: Winfield Public Library


For more information about this event, please contact:
Joanna Brazil
(620) 221-4470


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