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Kansas 1972: Only You

Date and Time: April 29, 2022

Location: Online, , Online
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Humanities Kansas turns back the clock to 1972 with a new podcast series to commemorate HK's 50th anniversary in 2022. The podcast, a first for HK, connects national events from 1972 to local events in Kansas, including the founding of the Kansas Committee for the Humanities, now known as Humanities Kansas.

Did you know that Smokey Bear has a Kansas connection? Learn about the origins of this beloved character and the Kansas roots of his illustrator, Rudy Wendelin. Along the way, we'll discuss New Deal public works programs, fears about Nazi spies during WWII, the environmental movement, and a mural in Rawlins County, Kansas.

Support for the Kansas 1972 podcast has been provided by the Friends of Humanities Kansas.

Sponsored by: Humanities Kansas

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