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Sunflower Journeys - Central Kansas

Date and Time: September 17, 2020, 8:00 PM CT

Location: KTWU TV Washburn University, 1700 SW College Ave, Topeka
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"Sunflower Journeys" is a documentary television series that airs on KTWU Public Television, Topeka.

Hosted by Chris Hernandez

In our first segment, we talk to landowners Tom Turner and Jeff DeWerff about recent attempts to remove invasive Tamarisk and Russian Olive from along Rattlesnake Creek in Stafford County of Central Kansas. We'll also visit with Scott Marsh, Noxious Weed Specialist with the Kansas Department of Agriculture, and Matt Hough of Ducks Unlimited about how the invasive trees impact both ranchers and wildlife. Next, we we review damage done to Kansas state parks during 2019 flooding and their recovery. Finally, since a number of events in Kansas were cancelled because of COVID-19, including the the mennonite relief sale, we take a look back at the 2015 sale in Hutchinson.

Sponsored by: KTWU TV Washburn University

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