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Speaker Details Image of Eric Anderson) Eric Anderson   Onward Haskell: The Making of an Indian Nations University The United States Indian Industrial Training School welcomed its first 22 students to Lawrence in 1884. Speaker Details Image of Jay Antle) Jay Antle   Irrigation in Kansas Water irrigation has made Kansas an agricultural powerhouse, but it has also opened the floodgates for unintended consequences such as lawsuits, soil salinity, water scarcity Speaker Details Image of Jay Antle) Jay Antle   From Fort Laramie to Standing Rock: The Dakota Access Pipeline Controversy For most Americans, the debate over the Dakota Access Pipeline comes down to images of protesters facing off against militarized police Speaker Details Image of Aaron Barnhart) Aaron Barnhart   Care for the Creation Natural resources are not only vitally important to the economy of Kansas, they have contributed mightily to the quality of life for generations of Kansans Speaker Details Image of Angela Bates) Angela Bates   Children of the Promised Land Nicodemus, a small unincorporated town in Graham County, is the only remaining western town that was established by African Americans during the Reconstruction Period following the Civil War. Speaker Details Image of Rex Buchanan) Rex Buchanan   Water in Kansas: Past & Present Early evidence of Native peoples in Kansas shows that they lived near springs, seeps, and rivers. Speaker Details Image of John Burchill) John Burchill   Cowboys and Clerics In the days when Wild Bill Hickok might ride his horse into your church service—it happened in Junction City—the life of a minister was a rowdy affair. Speaker Details Image of Michaeline Chance-Reay) Michaeline Chance-Reay   The Harvey Girls The Harvey House chain of restaurants got its start in Topeka, Kansas, when Fred Harvey opened a café geared to those traveling on the Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railroad line. Speaker Details Image of Gene T. Chavez) Gene T. Chavez   Flour Power During the period of the Mexican Revolution, many immigrants made their way to Kansas to raise their families and work in the railroad, Speaker Details Image of Audrey Coleman) Audrey Coleman   Politics on Paper The personal papers of U.S. presidents were not considered the property of the American people until after the Watergate scandal. Speaker Details Image of Deborah Divine) Deborah Divine   Sharing Patterns, Sharing Lives: Kansas Quilt Workshop In the early 1900s, Emporia was home to an innovated group of quilters. Speaker Details Image of Phil S. Dixon) Phil S. Dixon   The Kansas City Monarchs in Your Hometown Formed in 1920, the Kansas City Monarchs revolutionized baseball: not only were they charter members of the Negro National League, they were the first professional team to use outdoor lighting Speaker Details Image of Diane Eickhoff) Diane Eickhoff   Women Soldiers of the Civil War During the Civil War, hundreds of women cut their hair, bound their breasts, donned men’s clothing, and reported for duty to Union or Confederate army recruiters Speaker Details Image of Marwa Ghazali) Marwa Ghazali   African Refugee Stories—and Silence—in Kansas The Bantu people of Somalia are an ethnic minority who were forced to leave their lands during the Somali Civil War. Today, many call Kansas City home. Speaker Details Image of Jim Gray) Jim Gray   Head ‘Em Up & Move ‘Em Out The early days of ranching and trail driving required stamina and determination. Speaker Details Image of Louise Hanson) Louise Hanson   At Home on the Range Community cookbooks have carried the stories of Kansas women over the years, sharing sentiments of home, family, and faith. Speaker Details Image of Laura Hartley) Laura Hartley   Throw Like a Girl Many female athletes in Kansas have fascinating tales of perseverance, hard work, and success on levels where they were previously barred from competition Speaker Details Image of Anne P.W. Hawkins) Anne P.W. Hawkins   Lawbreakers for the Common Good In the mid-1800s, some Kansans defied federal, state, and territorial laws in pursuit of a common goal: liberty for all. Speaker Details Image of Cindy Higgins) Cindy Higgins   Soda Fountains in Kansas During the glory days of the soda fountain, Kansas pharmacists created tonics and curatives that evolved into refreshments Speaker Details Image of Jim Hoy) Jim Hoy   Kansas Legends and Folktales Grasshoppers so big that cowboys can ride them to herd cattle. Summers so hot that corn pops in the field. Kansas is a place of big skies and tall tales. Speaker Details Image of Linda O’Nelio Knoll) Linda O’Nelio Knoll   Angels of the Kansas Coalfields In 1921, thousands of women marched on the Southeast Kansas coal mines in support of striking miners. Speaker Details Image of Aaron Margolis) Aaron Margolis   Shifting Waters: International Conflict & Cooperation The Rio Grande, like many waterways that serve as international borders, has been endowed with both symbolic and practical importance Speaker Details Image of Isaias McCaffery) Isaias McCaffery   Foam on the Range Kansas was on the forefront of the temperance movement, eventually becoming the first state to prohibit alcohol consumption Speaker Details Image of Heidi Mehl) Heidi Mehl   Land Ethics and Water Resources In 1949 Aldo Leopold sparked the modern conservation movement with his treatise on “land ethics”. Speaker Details Image of Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg) Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg   Kansas Weather in Life, Literature, and Photography When it comes to talking about the weather, we have a lot to say in Kansas, and for good reason Speaker Details Image of Erika Nelson) Erika Nelson   Make Art, Not War Kansas: A frontier where strong people with strong opinions find their voice Speaker Details Image of Leo E. Oliva) Leo E. Oliva   Women Writers on the Santa Fe Trail Some of the first women to travel across present day Kansas were travelers on the Santa Fe Trail Speaker Details Image of Jane Rhoads) Jane Rhoads   Opera House Culture on the Kansas Frontier Frontier Kansas was not a cultural desert. Opera houses were homes to important community events, including dramatic productions Speaker Details Image of Sara Jane Richter) Sara Jane Richter   Dressing for Success, Victorian Style Victorian women in the United States and Britain took upward of 4 hours to dress themselves per day Speaker Details Image of Matthew Sanderson) Matthew Sanderson   Immigration in Kansas Today Since settlement in the 19th century, the story of Kansas has largely been a story of immigration Speaker Details Image of Matthew Sanderson) Matthew Sanderson   Water: Why Is It so Difficult to Conserve? Water is the most precious natural resource, sustaining all life on Earth. Why is it so difficult to conserve? Speaker Details Image of Norman Saul) Norman Saul   William Allen White and the Russian Revolution William Allen White is best known as an outspoken newspaper editor of the Emporia Gazette. Less known is White's personal involvement in global issues. Speaker Details Image of James Sherow) James Sherow   The Irrigation Crusade From the 1880s to the earliest days of the 20th century, the “Irrigation Crusade” was promoted as a way for grassland farmers and community boosters to continue thriving Speaker Details Image of James Sherow) James Sherow   Kansas v. Colorado In 1902, Kansas accused the state of Colorado of taking more than their fair share of water from the Arkansas River. The legal fight continues to this day. Speaker Details Image of Dave Tell) Dave Tell   The Murder of Emmett Till On August 25, 1955, Emmett Till whistled at a white woman outside a Mississippi grocery store. Three days later, the 14 year old African American boy was murdered. Speaker Details Image of John Edgar Tidwell) John Edgar Tidwell   When Freedom Changed America One hundred years separate the Emancipation Proclamation (1863) and the March on Washington. Both movements were defined by the pursuit of freedom. Speaker Details Image of James H. Walther) James H. Walther   Free Speech in an Information-Overloaded World Being informed requires information. Yet in today’s 24-hour news cycle, Wikipedia, and social media, do we have the right information to be informed citizens? Speaker Details Image of Ron Wilson) Ron Wilson   Finding Common Ground The only constant is change. Kansas has seen many changes in population, with shifts from rural to urban and to increased multicultural diversity Speaker Details Image of Stephen Wolgast) Stephen Wolgast   Free Speech in Times of Crisis In the First Amendment, U.S. citizens are granted an inalienable right to express their opinions, a right that does not dissipate at times when society is under stress Speaker Details Image of Anthony Funari) Anthony Funari   Free Speech in Kansas: Community Writing Workshops Anthony Funari leads facilitated writing workshops where participants can express themselves through essays, poems, letters to editor, memoirs, and fiction. Speaker Details Image of Paula Ripple) Paula Ripple   Free Speech in Kansas: Community Writing Workshops Paula Ripple leads facilitated writing workshops where participants can express themselves through essays, poems, letters to editor, memoirs, and fiction. Speaker Details Image of Daniel Hoyt) Daniel Hoyt   Free Speech in Kansas: Community Writing Workshops Daniel Hoyt leads facilitated writing workshops where participants can express themselves through essays, poems, letters to editor, memoirs, and fiction. Speaker Details Image of Kim Stanley) Kim Stanley   Free Speech in Kansas: Community Writing Workshops Kim Stanley leads facilitated writing workshops where participants can express themselves through essays, poems, letters to editor, memoirs, and fiction. Speaker Details Image of Kevin Rabas) Kevin Rabas   Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary Poetry can illuminate the path through our daily lives, revealing beauty in the mundane tasks and objects that we often overlook. Speaker Details Image of Sharon Ashworth) Sharon Ashworth   The Waters of Kansas The serial documentary tells the story of water in Kansas, including the Cheyenne Bottoms, the Ogallala Aquifer, Kansas reservoirs. Speaker Details Image of Joan Weaver) Joan Weaver   Kinsley: Navigating Rough Waters Mother nature and tough choices lead to consequences for a community on the floodplain. Speaker Details Image of Steve Lerner) Steve Lerner   When the Well Runs Dry This documentary portrays the vital connection rural Kansans have with water.


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