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Kansas 1972: To the Stars

Outer space was on the minds of Kansans in 1972. Kansas astronaut Ron Evans journeyed to the moon on the Apollo 17 mission. Western Kansas was being considered for the new Space Shuttle launch site, and some locals did not like that idea. And the state was a hotbed of UFO sightings, including notable encounters in Dighton and Delphos.



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Archival Audio Sources


Primary Sources

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Secondary Sources


  • Teasel Muir Harmony - curator of the Apollo Collection at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
  • Jennifer Ross-Nazzal - historian for NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas
  • Jeremy Gill - historian who is the Kansas Room Coordinator at the Hays Public Library
  • Greg Eghigian - professor of history at Penn State University, specializing in the history of science and medicine. He is currently writing a book about the history of UFO sightings and claims of alien contact worldwide.
  • Dakota Davis - curator of the Delphos Museum 
  • Samantha Davis - curator of the Ottawa County Historical Museum in Minneapolis, KS

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