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1972 Podcast Teaser Clips

How 1972 are you? 

HK's 1972 podcast teaser features audio clips from the people and events of 1972. Did you guess any or all of the audio clips correctly?

  1. Watergate break-in CBS news report, June 17, 1972
  2. Gloria Steinham speaking at a women's rights rally in New York 
  3. Phyllis Schlafly interviewed by Barbara Walters on the Today Show, Sept. 29, 1972
  4. All in the Family TV show theme song (Top TV show of 1972)
  5. Nixon address on Vietnam troop withdrawal, November 3rd, 1969 (Complete withdrawal of US ground troops does not actually happen until 1972)
  6. The Godfather 
  7. Cesar Chavez speaking at UCLA, Oct. 11, 1972
  8. Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan giving a farewell address, Dec. 14, 1972 (This is the last time humans were on the moon. Kansan Ronald Evans was also on the mission.)
  9. George Wallace presidential campaign rally in Florida, March 8, 1972
  10. Shirley Chisholm declares her presidential bid in Brooklyn, NY, Jan. 25, 1972
  11. "Nixon Now" presidential campaign TV commercial, Nov. 8, 1972
  12.  Kansas Department of Economic Development promotional video filmed in 1968 called "Latitude and Longitude of Kansas Commerce." 


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